Restorative Justice

Help people impacted by crime to experience mercy, compassion and God’s unconditional love. We minister to inmates, ex-offenders, criminal justice professionals, and families through a wide variety of programs.

Ministry Leader: Betty Waedemon
“I was in prison and you visited Me.”
Matthew 25:36

No life is beyond the reach of God’s power. Restorative Justice Ministry strives to meet the spiritual and educational needs of prisoners and their families with the ultimate goal of seeing them restored to Christ, their families, and their communities.  There are many ways to make a difference.

Through March 13, you can support RJM by stopping by the Joshua Tree, grabbing a tag or “grab a tag” online and help plant the seed of Christ with funds towards Bible studies, Kairos sponsorships, GED books and other supplies needed.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Here’s what you can do right now…
  • Become a PenPal for Christ: The family and volunteer visits make a huge difference in the lives of the incarcerated. Currently letters/emails are their only connection with the “free” world and in some cases, their only connection with hope. The men and women need to know that Christ’s people have not forgotten them. Please contact Betty Waedemon (bbw1m@aol.com) for names of prisoners needing letters/emails and instructions.
  • Appreciate an Officer: Because of more disciplinary problems with the inmates, you can imagine how difficult it has become to be a Correctional Officer (or guard). To show our appreciation, we are asking you to write a card of appreciation for the thankless job the CO’s are doing daily. Please write as many cards as you can as there are many folks to thank. There are free note cards in the church workroom to use. Send the cards to Christ Church, 3300 Austin Parkway, SL 77479 c/o Betty Waedemon.
  • Take the Training: To volunteer in the prison for an ongoing event or a one time event, you must be trained by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Right now, during Covid, all training and retraining (which occurs every 2 years) is online. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Anyone at least 18 years old can be trained. Contact Betty Waedemon at bbw1m@aol.com with questions.


And here are the many other ways you can bring Christ…
  • ALPHA in PRISON: guide a small group of men through aspects of Christian faith
  • COOL WATER MINISTRY: hand out the waters as the officers enter and leave the prison. Show our law enforcement officials how much we appreciate them. If you are interested please contact Robert Coffman at rlcoffm@gmail.com.
  • DISCIPLE BIBLE STUDY: co-lead a group of inmates though this in-depth study
  • KAIROS/JUBILEE: a spiritual retreat weekend for inmates similar to Walk to Emmaus emphasizing Forgiveness, Agape Love and God’s Grace
  • MENTORING: provide support and guidance to inmates.
  • ANGEL TREE: assist the families of inmates to celebrate Christmas –  Click here to see the latest Angel Tree Video… Angel Tree changes lives
  • TUTORING: provide for the education of inmates on various subjects to prepare them for success in the free world.


Volunteer Testimonies

“As with many volunteer opportunities, the wonder of volunteering in the Prison Ministry is not what I am giving to the inmates, it is God’s blessings poured back on me. It is the smile that comes when a particularly difficult math concept is finally understood, it’s seeing joy in eyes over a job done well, it’s seeing hope at the end of a long journey and peace from knowing that God is in control.” -Cherri Cowan

“I became part of a team that served the Lord our God with all of our heart, our mind, and our strength…with joy.” -Robert Crenshaw

To donate to this ministry financially, please select ‘Missions Donations’ and type ‘Restorative Justice’ in the memo line when giving online.