Women Helping Ourselves (WHO)

Ministry Leader: Sandra Vautrain

Who They Are

Women Helping Ourselves (WHO) is a 180 day program that is a treatment alternative to incarceration for women with substance use disorders who meet specific program criteria and are either pregnant, post-partum or have serious health issues. Clients participate in a variety of classes designed to address chemical dependency, criminal thinking, life skills, relapse prevention, parenting, anger management and women’s issues.


Address: 2605 Parker Rd, Houston, TX 77093

What We Do

We host 3 parties a year (Easter, 4th of July, and Christmas) to share God’s Love with the women and babies. Our parties include prayer, message about the holiday, craft, fellowship, snacks, and gifts.

We also contribute items to the unit to help women and mothers newly joining the program. Many times they come in with nothing and need essentials like hygiene items and diapers, etc. to get started. We like to take a list of supplies at each visit to add to the inventory closet based on their most urgent needs. We also take take supplies outside of normal visits as the need arises.


How To Get Involved

  • Contribute items like food, gifts, prayer, and your presence for successful parties
  • Contribute to inventory to help women and babies new to the program.
  • Attend parties and share God’s love with the women and babies
  • Contribute financially.
  • Pray regularly for the women and babies
To donate to this ministry financially, please select ‘Missions Donations’ and type ‘Women Helping Ourselves (WHO)’ in the memo line when giving online.