Future of Our Church

Christ Church Affiliation Process Ends

With more than 500 in attendance at a specially called Church Conference on Wednesday, October 12, under the direction of our district superintendent, the discernment process for Christ Church concluded with a decision to remain within The United Methodist Church.  A total of 577 written ballots were received, with 348 (60.3%) in favor and 229 (39.7%) against disaffiliating.  Under the provisions of the Book of Discipline, however, a supermajority of two-thirds (or 385 votes) was necessary in order to actually leave, and that threshold was not met.

Our thanks to the Jeremiah 29 Task Force for their diligent labors over the past nine months to prepare the congregation for this decision, as well as all who attended the town halls, coffees, desserts, small group meetings and other forums for discussion.