Below are a few of the many ways you can volunteer to help our Church run smoothly. Please contact the appropriate person if interested.

Volunteer Opportunities in Family Life

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY – Contact Kate Flint |

Our Children’s Ministry is looking for teachers, helpers, musicians, and organizers for our Sunday School, Children’s Church and Christ Kids Create programs. Whether you are a veteran teacher or completely new to the ministry, you can use your gifts to help our youngest members connect with God. Contact Kate for details at

STUDENT MINISTRY – Contact Todd Harris | | or Sabrina Salisbury |

Our programs in Student Ministries are continuing to grow, with the growth comes the need for volunteers to “pour into” our students. We need volunteers to assist in our after school programs and teachers for Sunday school. If you would like to help or learn more about our after school program, talk to Todd at or Sabrina at

Volunteer Opportunities in Worship

ACOLYTES – Contact Judy Hicks |

Acolyte means companion, attendant or helper. You are a part of the worship service and the worship team. As a candle lighter, acolyte, you bring the light into the worship and at the end take the light back out into the world. You remind the church that Jesus is the light of the world and we are called to carry His light. Children only need to be in the 3rd grade and above and have a willing heart.

COMMUNION SERVERS/STEWARDS – Contact Pastor DeAndrew Johnson |

The celebration of the sacrament of Holy Communion is an act of community which Christ invites all to participate and share in faith. You are invited to share in Christ’s invitation to all by serving as a communion server. We need volunteers to serve each Sunday in the 9:30 am Cornerstone service and every first Sunday in the 10:55 am Festival service. There are no requirements on experience or age for participating in this ministry, and training is available. If you are interested, please contact Pastor DeAndre at

USHERS – Contact Phil Dolezal |

The ministry of the Usher is many. They greet people as they enter into the sanctuary, collect the offering, assist people throughout worship that may need assistance and other duties as needed. Ushers are necessary at all three worship services. We would love for you to consider becoming a part of worship team as a “doorkeeper in the house of the Lord.

FESTIVAL CHOIR SINGERS – Contact Pastor DeAndrew Johnson |

Singing is scientifically proven to be one of the healthiest things you can do. Singing is also one of the ways in which we are invited to join in God’s redemptive work in the world. The hymn writer Mel Bringle puts it this way: Sing a new world into being, sound a bold and hopeful theme. Find a tune for silent yearnings, lend your voice and dare to dream. So, if you love to sing and would dare to dream of God’s reign on earth as in heaven, then come and lend your voice to others as a part of the Festival Choir. This group of adult singers provides musical leadership in the 10:55 am Festival service. There is no audition or previous experience required as the choir is open to adults of all abilities. Regular weekly rehearsals begin August 9 at 7 pm in the Choir Room. For more information about participating in the choir or other music ensembles, contact Pastor DeAndre at


Volunteer Opportunities in Communications & AV

SOUND ENGINEER – Contact BJ Figat |

Learning to use the sound board, basic mixing, patching channels, microphone usage, and running a service.


Advancing slides for songs, liturgy, and sermons in the Sanctuary

STAGE HELP – Contact BJ Figat |

Getting the stage set up in between Cornerstone and Festival services.

STREAM TEAM – Contact Oliver Carlock |

Help share the worship experience with others who are unable to attend on Sunday morning through the power of cameras and the internet.


Volunteer Opportunities in Hospitality & Outreach

HOSPITALITY TEAM – Contact Carol Thomas |

Help create a fellowship friendly environment on Sunday mornings by serving once per month on a team that sets up and cleans up the Gathering Area snacks and coffee stations each week.


Your friendly smile and welcome can be a blessing to all who join us on Sunday mornings as they enter the church facility entrances or approach the welcome table in the Gathering Hall with their questions.

-Contact Debbie at to get on the 1x/month greeter assignments rotation, or contact Don at to host the welcome table for a 15-minute shift prior to the worship service you attend.

JACOB’S WELL COFFEE BAR MINISTRY TEAM – Contact Jacob’s Well Manager |

Volunteer baristas are wanted to help serve specialty espresso drinks and non-coffee drinks at the Jacob’s Well coffee bar on Sunday mornings and during the week as well. Training is provided and no prior experience is required.


Do you have a heart for helping first-time guests feel welcome at Christ Church? Join this team which helps visitors find their way at Christ Church through friendly phone conversations, and offering warm welcomes through written notes and church mugs delivered to their homes.


This team welcomes new residents to our area through written notes, seasonal mailings, door hanger card delivery or doorstep personal invitations.


Help Christ Church gain a visual presence in the community through assisting with various outreach events including the Skeeter’s Baseball Faith & Family Night that is sponsored by Christ Church each year.


Volunteer Opportunities in Office Support

WEEKDAY RECEPTIONIST – Contact Debbie Meier |

Volunteers will assist at the office receptionist desk by answering phone calls, greeting visitors, receiving packages and working on small projects assisting the staff. These are set in 2, 4, and 6-hour increments or what time you could offer weekdays 9 am – 5 pm.

FINANCE OFFICE FILER – Contact Norma Pharr |

Volunteers will assist in filing and purging of documents that are no longer required to be retained.


Volunteer Opportunities in Facilities


A work day for beautifying the church, that is usually held twice a year on a Saturday from 8 am – 3 pm. Projects include landscaping, painting, small projects, repairs, deep cleaning, and overall sprucing up the facility.

HELPING HANDS – Contact Roland Huysman |

Helping hands is a good opportunity to get out of the house and have good fellowship with fellow participants. It is a regular workday and gathering that meets on Tuesdays to help with projects around the church. Optional days during the week are available. The group has also been invaluable to save labor and skill towards the maintenance of the church.