Prayer Request for Music Ministries Members (UPDATED  07/01/2017)
Names in italics and underlined indicate new listing
KEY: FC – Festival Choir; JR – Jubilation Ringers; JB – Joy Bells; SC – Singing Churchmen;  BV – Women’s Choir; SH – Sacred Harps; LOA – Leave Of Absence
  • Bill Guffey (FC)
  • Billie Blair (FC)
  • Dee Schrinner (FC)
  • Don Henderson (FC) – recovering from knee surgery
  • Gael Bittenbinder (FC) – hip fractures
  • Heather Rathnau (former member) – breast cancer
  • Joyce Cochran (FC)
  • Lian Frazier (FC) – loss of her husband, Sydney
  • Lynn (Martha)  Epstein (FC) – surgery
  • Steve Stephens – recovering from shoulder surgery
  • Tracy Walker (former FC) – pancreatic and liver cancer
Prayers for Family & Family of Music Ministries (UPDATED 07/01/2017)
  • Barbara Burnham’s brother, Jim
  • Beth McConnel’s father, Jim
  • Bill Harris’ niece
  • Bill Harris’ wife, Michelle – recovering from successful brian surgery – tumor was benign
  • Carl Wright’s daughter Amy
  • Carl Wright‘s wife, Penny – Chemo & in hospital for shortness of breath
  • Dean Lowe’s brother-in-law and mother
  • Denise Hulse’s son Eric – looking for a job
  • Donna Matthews’ husband, Bob – waiting for surgery
  • Ellen Graham’s daughter, Irina
  • Evelyn Smith‘s brother Sam – looking for a job
  • Heather Rathnau’s brother, Brian, had a stroke & is in rehab
  • Jack Tollefson’s sister-in-law has cancer
  • Jackie Dawson‘s mother – fell and broke her leg.  Will be having surgery
  • Jane Yonish’s  mother
  • John Richardson‘s dad – surgery
  • Karen Sherlock’s – mother and son’s mother-in-law
  • K.T. Stewart’s mom and dad; surgery for her child
  • Kathleen Doerr’s dad
  • Kathleen Doerr’s uncle Danny
  • Kathy Hilton’s mother
  • Kathy Snider’s uncle David
  • Kirsten Jordan’s mother
  • Lian Frazier’s daughter, Desiree
  • Larry Sherlock’s aunt
  • Lynn Epstein’s sister Yvonne and brother-in-law John Upchurch
  • Mary Davis‘ mother – fell
  • Mimi Markel’s son
  • Patsy Riddle’s son
  • Robert Doerr’s dad Ted
  • Ron Bailey’s dad – massive heart attack
  • Sally Farnum‘s son, Matt
  • Sandy White’s daughter Kristi Pesqueira’s family
  • Sara Jane & Bob White’s daughter-in-law, Lisa
  • Wes Whidden‘s son-in-law Trey – looking for job
Sympathy from Christ Church Music Ministries (UPDATED 07/01/2017)
Joys from Christ Church Music Ministries (UPDATED 07/01/2017)

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