Prayer Request for Music Ministries Members (UPDATED  09/09/2017)
Names in italics and underlined indicate new listing
KEY: FC – Festival Choir; JR – Jubilation Ringers; JB – Joy Bells; SC – Singing Churchmen;  BV – Women’s Choir; SH – Sacred Harps; LOA – Leave Of Absence
  • Bill Guffey (FC)
  • Billie Blair (FC)
  • Carl Wright (FC) – loss of his wife Penny
  • DeAndre Johnson ( Pastor or Music & Worship) – loss of house from Hurricane
  • Dee Schrinner (FC)
  • Don Henderson (FC)
  • Gael Bittenbinder (FC)
  • Heather Rathnau
  • Joyce Cochran (FC)
  • Lynn (Martha)  Epstein (FC)
Prayers for Family & Family of Music Ministries (UPDATED 09/09/2017)
  • Barbara Burnham’s brother, Jim
  • Beth McConnel’s father, Jim
  • Bill Harris’ niece
  • Bill Harris’ wife, Michelle
  • Carl Wright’s daughter Amy
  • Dean Lowe’s brother-in-law and mother
  • Donna Matthews’ husband, Bob
  • Ellen Graham’s daughter, Irina
  • Heather Rathnau’s brother, Brian
  • Jack Tollefson’s sister-in-law
  • Jackie Dawson‘s mother
  • Jackie Hook‘s brother
  • Jane Yonish’s  mother
  • John Richardson‘s dad
  • Joyce Cochran‘s son-in-law Ron – burns
  • Karen Sherlock’s – mother and son’s mother-in-law
  • K.T. Stewart’s mom and dad; surgery for her child
  • Kathleen Doerr’s dad
  • Kathleen Doerr’s uncle Danny
  • Kathy Hilton’s mother
  • Kathy Snider’s uncle David
  • Kirsten Jordan’s mother
  • Lian Frazier’s daughter, Desiree
  • Larry Sherlock’s aunt
  • Lynn Clarks‘ sister-in-law’s sister – cancer
  • Lynn Epstein’s sister Yvonne and brother-in-law John Upchurch
  • Mary Davis‘ mother
  • Mimi Markel’s son
  • Patsy Riddle’s son
  • Robert Doerr’s dad Ted
  • Ron Bailey’s dad
  • Sally Farnum‘s son, Matt
  • Sandy White’s daughter Kristi Pesqueira’s family
  • Sara Jane & Bob White’s daughter-in-law, Lisa
Sympathy from Christ Church Music Ministries (UPDATED 09/14/2017)
  • 9/14/17 – Pat Kelly, former member of the choir and helper with MemberCare.  The funeral service for her is to be held Saturday, Sept. 16 at Henneke Funeral Home, 1515 Montezuma, Columbus, TX 78934. There will be a viewing at 10:00am and the service will follow at 11:30am.
Joys from Christ Church Music Ministries (UPDATED 09/09/2017)

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