Adult Haiti Trip • October 16-24, 2017


Thanks to the generosity of Christ Church, our team in Haiti was able to distribute 200 Water filters, continue construction on the Women's Development Center, hold a VBS and feed 500+ children on each of two days and further develop the Sewing Ministry to further economic sustainability in the village of Olivier.  The team also got to participate in a 5 mile Prayer walk to celebrate the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Methodist church in Haiti.

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Great news, we brought back several items that were made by Melina, the short nurse at the clinic.  She learned how to crochet from Christ Church member Olinda Jehovics during last year's trip.  We purchased 4 crocheted bags and several pieces with counted cross stitch and paid her from our fund raising sales.   She also had pictures of baby booties that she has crocheted and sold or given away.  We've commissioned (and funded) her for 6 different styles.  They may be great items that we can sell in our free trade store.

> Haitian Seamstress Madam Jean de Arc conducted the sewing school for the 24 little dresses and 24 pants that Christ Church member Mary Ann Kovach and her Dress-A-Girl team put together.  They've been completed and they are now in the hands of Pastor Jacob.  She said these dresses were great things to use to teach how to sew.  I paid her $3 for dresses and $1 for pants (from funds given to me by my Mom) which she distributed evenly to ladies.  I paid her $20 (also from Mom) for conducting the class.

> Pastor Michelle commissioned a dress which Madam JDA made for her.  She presented the dress to Michelle Sunday morning.  With the dress she made a matching draw string bag for her, and made a different one for me as well.  We were so exited about the bags that we decided to commission and fund her to make up to 6 different size and fabric bags to be sold at our next fund raiser.

> We gave our Haitian translator Angee Jean funds from our team's fund raising, to be used to purchase materials and pay for production of these items.  Angee will negotiate a fair price from each supplier and will allocate the funds as she finds necessary.  We hope that we can get 6 bags and 6 pair of booties.  Angee is willing and happy to be participating with this endeavor. She knows of another team from Houston and hopes to be able to send the completed items back to us through them.

We'll see how this works and and see God's direction in the "Praise God Almighty, Hallelulia Women's Sewing Center", recently renamed, Community Center.

Bondye beni ou (God Bless you),

Also, check out the amazing shoes that Kenneth Cole designed for our Haitian partners Rebuild Globally who's goal is to replace the conventional methods of charitable aid with a thriving social entrepreneurial ecosystem

Christ Church is committed to be in partnership by providing hope, help and Christ’s love to the Haitian people.

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View pictures of some of the places our Christ Church teams have been to in this pictorial montage “Keeping Faith with Haiti.”  and pictures from a Recap of our November 2015 mission. Also watch this video to see what our Student Ministries did in Haiti this past summer...

Pastor Jacob's Visit

Pastor Jacob from the Methodist Church we support in Olivier, Haiti came to  visit our church and speak to some Sunday School classes!  He also got to volunteer for FYSH Camp and see some of the beauty and diversity of Texas!

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