2018 Adult Haiti Mission Trip


Twelve Christ Church members shared Christ’s love in Haiti January 20-28! This was the 7th adult team to Haiti, and the 5th time we were in Olivier. Olivier is a village of some 15,000 people that have no paved streets, no sewers, no running water, and limited electricity. Still many of the people regularly worship in the Olivier Methodist Church, which was seriously damaged during the earthquake. We have helped rebuild their church, and it is now in full use!

For two afternoons, we held a Children’s Bible School. 500+ children attended, and each child received a full hot meal!

With money from our Christ Church budget, we were able to provide 100 personal home water filters. This vital ministry raises the health AND education of the villagers and their children, as they don’t have to miss school due to water borne illnesses.

We are very committed to advancing Women’s empowerment programs. Special classes in material selection, color compatibility and crocheting were shared by our team to assure the products they create have broad salability. Those participating in the program gained skills they will use to earn money to support their families. Also, the sewing machines used are treadle machines not electric!

We helped with the construction of their Community/Women’s Development Building. Concrete blocks were hauled, mortar was mixed, and the walls of the second floor are being constructed. We also helped place the concrete for the stairs to the second floor.

On Sunday we were privileged to worship in the Olivier Methodist Church. The nearly 3-hour service was joyous with lots of singing, prayer, and a wonderful sermon by Pastor Michelle. Our friend and interpreter, Rodny, did a fine job translating her message from English into Creole.

Thank you, church, for sending us! You have helped so many!


Also, check out the amazing shoes that Kenneth Cole designed for our Haitian partners Rebuild Globally who's goal is to replace the conventional methods of charitable aid with a thriving social entrepreneurial ecosystem    https://deuxmains.com/

Christ Church is committed to be in partnership by providing hope, help and Christ’s love to the Haitian people.

View pictures of some of the places our Christ Church teams have been to in this pictorial montage “Keeping Faith with Haiti.”  and pictures from a Recap of our November 2015 mission. Also watch this video to see what our Student Ministries did in Haiti this past summer...

Pastor Jacob's Visit

Pastor Jacob from the Methodist Church we support in Olivier, Haiti came to  visit our church and speak to some Sunday School classes!  He also got to volunteer for FYSH Camp and see some of the beauty and diversity of Texas!

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