The Women of Christ ministry at Christ Church seeks to bring women closer in their relationship with Christ and with one another through Bible studies, retreats, special events and programs. This ministry is open to all women. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or if you work outside the home; whether you’re in your 20s, 40s, or 80s; whether you’re single, married or widowed; or whether you have small children, college-aged kids or no kids at all. There is a place for you.

Need childcare? Limited spaces are available. Contact Kim Ripley at 281.980.6888×4784 at least 48 hours in advance of any event you plan to attend to make your childcare arrangements! Also and very importantly, please remember to let Kim know if your childcare needs change!

Women’s Bible Studies for Fall 2017

Women’s Bible Study is an important part of the Women of Christ ministry of Christ Church. It provides an environment for women to grow in their personal relationship with Christ through Bible study, fellowship and worship, to provide community outreach and to transform lives. We have a variety of options available to suit any need. There are ongoing Bible study groups in addition to Women’s Bible Study and Fellowship (WBSF), which offers studies on a spring and fall schedule.


Sisters: Wising Up by Cheryl Kirk-Duggan. Applying the Wisdom of Proverbs to daily living. 6-week video-based study. Sundays beginning September 17. 4-6 PM. Library. Contact: Mary Ann Dolezal at or 281-468-7477

Online Registration ($12.00)



The Storm Inside: Trade the Chaos of How You Feel for the Truth of Who You Are by Sheila Walsh. We can feel a storm brewing, we are in the middle of a storm, or we are facing the aftermath of a storm. But don’t be afraid, because it is possible to grow through turbulent times. Storms show you what’s really going on inside, reveal what you really believe, and actually make you stronger. Mondays beginning September 11. 9:30-11:30 AM in Rooms 11/12.Contact: Evelyn Smith at or 713-851-7061

Online Registration ($13.00)


Precepts: Revelation Part 3, What is the sign of His coming and the end of the age?11 Lessons covering Chapters 5-22. Tuesdays beginning September 19, 9:30 AM to Noon, FAITH Corner Contact: Debbie Read at or 713-882-1149Please contact Kim Ripley at or 281-690-4765 for instructions to order your study book.

Online Registration


Jeremiah by Melissa Spoelstra We live in a world where marriages fail, bank accounts run low, friendships end, and the everyday demands of a fast-paced life get us down. In the Book of Jeremiah, we find God calling out the His people with a message that hope-filled living is possible even in an unstable world. This six-week study offers us encouragement and help for navigating the uncertainties and challenges of life. Thursdays: Intro session Sept. 21, study begins Sept. 28. 9:30 to 11:30 AM, FAITH Corner Contact: Debe Fannin at or 281-265-4082

Online Registration ($11.00)

Small Groups

All women are invited to be part of a small group here at Christ Church. These groups are open to new members:Women’s Small Groups

Caring Casseroles  •  Meeting times vary

This group gathers monthly (meeting dates vary) to prepare and assemble casseroles which can be distributed to any members of our church family facing illness, celebrating the birth of a new child or otherwise in need of a home-cooked meal.

For more information, please contact Kim Daniels.

Godly Active Ladies Serving (G.A.L.S.)  •  Last Tuesday of each month  •  6 pm

This group’s focus is to be a multi-generational group of women with a heart for nurturing and supporting women in need in various seasons and circumstances of life. Providing an opportunity to build friendships and socialize together is a key goal.

For more information, please contact Norma Pharr.

July 25 – Church Kitchen/Rooms 11/12

Healthy Habits • First Monday of each month (meets October through May) • 7 pm • Rooms 11/12

This group is open to all woman interested in incorporating healthy habits to maintain or improve health and vitality for themselves and their family. We meet once a month. Below is our upcoming schedule. For more information: Kim Ripley at or 281.690.4765.

Women’s Retreats

Each year, Christ Church offers to its women a retreat designed to refresh and renew, to inspire and encourage. Stay tune for information on the year’s retreat.


Contact Information

For more information on our Women of Christ ministry, please contact: